The Polyol Process

  • Fernand Fiévet
  • Roberta Brayner


Among the chemical, physical, or electrochemical processes generally used in particles production, the polyol-mediated synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles appears as an easy to carry out and versatile route. In this chapter, properties of polyols (α-diols and etherglycols) are first recalled in order to explain the versatility of this process. Guidelines which allow controlling the nucleation and growth steps in such media are then given in order to obtain particles with well-defined characteristics namely, a uniform shape, a mean size in the micron, submicron or nanometer range with a narrow size distribution, and a low degree of agglomeration. Examples of size tuning of ferromagnetic metals (Fe, Co, Ni, and their alloys) and noble metals are given as well as examples of shape control leading to 1D nanostructures with a particulate emphasis on the growth mechanism of silver nanorods or nanowires. Examples of polyol-mediated synthesis of oxide (spinel ferrites, Cu2O, ZnO) nanoparticles through hydrolysis reaction are also given. Throughout this chapter it is pointed out how the polyol process allows tuning the size and shape-dependent magnetic properties of ferromagnetic metal or spinel ferrite particles which may be used as advanced functional materials in various fields: high permeability composite materials, high density recording media, high temperature permanent magnets, and in biomedical applications such as magnetic resonance imaging, cancer treatment by hyperthermia, or targeted drug delivery


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