Application of MMPP to Manufacturing Systems of Multiple Unreliable Machines

  • Wai Ki Ching
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In this chapter, we study an application of the queuing system discussed in Chapter 3. We apply the queuing system to modeling a manufacturing system of multiple failure prone machines under Hedging Point Production (HPP) policy. In a queuing system, there are servers, customers, and waiting spaces. To model a manufacturing system by a queuing system, one may regard a server as a machine. Depending on the type of manufacturing system, make-to-order or order-to-make,the customers can be regarded as the inventory of product or the jobs to be processed respectively; see Buzacott and Shanthikumar [17]. In our context here, we only discuss the latter case. In a make-to-order system, the machine system produces only when there is an arrived order. But in an order-to-make system, a certain amount of inventory is kept to cope with the fluctuation of demand and therefore production control is necessary. Here we employ the HPP policy as the production control; the definition of the policy will be discussed shortly.


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