Congenital Tumours

  • P. Jeremy Berry
  • Adrian K. Charles


Tumours presenting in the new-born period are rare, although any pathologist working near a busy obstetric or neonatal unit can expect to see occasional cases (Campbell et al. 1987; Davis et al. 1988; Stevens, 1988; Crom et al. 1989). Many of these tumours are peculiar to infants, or behave differently from their counterparts in older children. Lack of familiarity with neonatal tumours may lead to unnecessarily aggressive therapy or well-intentioned neglect. Most, but not all childhood neoplasms have been described in the perinatal period. As in children generally, they are of more varied histogenesis than adult tumours which are mainly epithelial in origin. This chapter will concentrate on the special characteristics of neonatal tumours which influence their diagnosis and management, and outline some areas where study of neonatal tumours has clarified our understanding of neoplasia in general.


Childhood Cancer Clear Cell Sarcoma Sacrococcygeal Teratoma Mesoblastic Nephroma Juvenile Xanthogranuloma 
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