Human—Computer Interaction with Global Information Spaces — Beyond Data Mining

  • Jim Thomas
  • Kris Cook
  • Vern Crow
  • Beth Hetzler
  • Richard May
  • Dennis McQuerry
  • Renie McVeety
  • Nancy Miller
  • Grant Nakamura
  • Lucy Nowell
  • Paul Whitney
  • Pak Chung Wong


This chapter describes a vision and progress towards a fundamentally new approach for dealing with the massive information overload situation of the emerging global information age. Today we use techniques such as data mining, through a WIMP interface, for searching or for analysis. Yet the human mind can deal and interact simultaneously with millions of information items, e.g. documents. The challenge is to find visual paradigms, interaction techniques and physical devices that encourage a new human information discourse between humans and their massive global and corporate information resources. After the vision and the current progress towards some core technology development, we present the grand challenges to bring this vision to reality.


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  • Kris Cook
  • Vern Crow
  • Beth Hetzler
  • Richard May
  • Dennis McQuerry
  • Renie McVeety
  • Nancy Miller
  • Grant Nakamura
  • Lucy Nowell
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