A Journey to the Hemispheric User Interface — Creative and Technical Achievements

  • Janice Webster


The search is still on for a physical place that will allow one person or a group of people the chance to be totally immersed and engaged with a real-time computer-generated experience. The HemispheriumTM is a new stepping stone on this journey. It has been described as the next “step-change” in group immersive VR [1]. The development of the design will be described in this chapter and compared with the now established Reality Centre experience.

This chapter also includes a technical overview and illustrates the creative achievements with reference to VR in museums and heritage sites, the built environment, and for education and entertainment. It highlights the technical challenges, the importance of teamwork and a shared vision to develop a new virtual reality experience.

In presenting this “Journey to the Hemispheric User Interface” the author draws on her experience of working with Trimension and Silicon Graphics as Industrial Partners and with the Technical Director and Technical Manager in the Virtual RealityCentre, University of Teesside.


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