Resonators for Annular Gain Media

  • Norman Hodgson
  • Horst Weber


In high power gas and solid state lasers the maximum output power is limited by the efficiency of heat removal. The temperature rise associated with the heat generated by the pump process leads to a decrease of the stimulated emission cross section and an increase of the lower laser level population. For sealed-off CO2 lasers in cylindrical geometry, these effects reduce the maximum output power per length to about 80W/m, independent of the tube diameter. Furthermore, in solid state laser materials, the pump induced stress causes irreversible damage to the medium if the pump power is increased beyond the fracture limit. The experimentally established fracture limit of a flashlamp pumped Nd: YAG rod allows up to 40W of output power per cm of rod length.


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Chapter 19 Resonators for Annular Gain Media

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