Promoting Forward Simulation

  • P. J. Lupton
Conference paper
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This paper is about systems that are composed of a super-structure that links together components. When such systems are designed and implemented, it seems very natural to assume that the super-structure can be designed and implemented independently of the design and implementation of the components. So long as the specifications of super-structure and the components match, the resulting assembly should be an implementation of the specification of the original system.

We work in the context of Z (see [1]). In Z, a super-structure corresponds to a promotion schema. What this paper does is to give conditions under which a promotion schema may be a promoter of forward simulation. That is, a promotion schema that when supplied with a valid forward simulation at the component level always produces a valid forward simulation of the composite system. With these results, there is a way not only of dividing the problem of data refinement but also of dividing it into two independent pieces.


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