Iatrogenic Disease

  • Jean W. Keeling


The realisation that medical treatment can be harmful to the patient is not new. Injury to the fetus during instrumental delivery is well recognised (Fedrick and Butler 1971), but the increasing use of invasive antenatal investigations and the availability of sophisticated neonatal intensive care has resulted in an increase in both the incidence and range of iatrogenic disease in the fetus and neonate. It is important that the pathologist recognises the manifestations of iatrogenic disease when he undertakes the necropsy examination of babies. By so doing he contributes to safer, more effective management of both pregnancy and the neonatal period. If he is to do this, he must be aware of investigations and procedures which have been undertaken and of medication prescribed during both the pregnancy and in postnatal life before he begins his examination. To this end, it is important that the clinical notes are available and all drain tubes and catheters are left in situ after death.


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