Percutaneous Needle Biopsy of Pulmonary Tumours

  • Robert Dick
  • Benjamin Timmis


Percutaneous transpleural needle biopsy of the lung (PTNB) is not a new procedure. It has been practised over many years since its introduction in the last century by Leyden, who aspirated organisms causing a pneumonia (Leyden 1883) and then by Menetrier, who 3 years later diagnosed a bronchial carcinoma by needle aspiration (Menetrier 1886). Since that time, several large series have been reported, using either an aspirating or a cutting technique (Lauby et al. 1965; Dahlgren and Lind 1969; Allison and Hemingway 1981; Gallo Curcio et al. 1983). Until recent years, PTNB has not been as popular a procedure in the United Kingdom as in the United States and Scandanavia because of its complications. However, with the advent of aspiration biopsy using relatively narrow gauge needles, the procedure has become safer and now has a secure place in the diagnosis of isolated pulmonary lesions, many of which will be neoplastic.


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