The Role of Cytology in Diagnosis

  • Gordon Canti


The historical development of clinical cytology in the diagnosis of chest disease has been fully documented by Grunze (1960). The concept of the cell as a biological unit was established by Schwann (1839) in the early part of the nineteenth century. Müller (1838) published a drawing of mammary cancer cells which is quite remarkable in view of the primitive microscopes available at that time. Illustrations of exfoliated cells including cancer cells from the respiratory tract can be found in monographs by Donné (1845) in Paris and Walshe (1846) in London. A few years later some very accurate illustrations of malignant squamous cells from a cancer of the pharynx were published by Beale (1860), but it was not until 1887 that the first diagnosis of carcinoma of the bronchus was made in spontaneously raised sputum (Hampeln 1887). The first cytological diagnosis of malignancy in serous effusions was recorded by Lücke and Klebs (1867).


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