Hormone Production by Bronchial Tumours

  • Sally J. Ratter
  • Lesley H. Rees


The production of polypeptide hormones and various ‘tumour-associated’ proteins by neoplasia occurring in non-endocrine tissues such as the lung is classically referred to as ‘inappropriate’ or ‘ectopic’ hormone production. The detection of ectopic hormone synthesis and release and the appreciation of the role this may play in associated endocrine syndromes has led to their extensive study, which has had particular relevance for clinical diagnosis, treatment of the endocrine syndromes, monitoring tumour therapy and the search for tumour markers. More recently they have been used as an important aid to the understanding of the biosynthetic pathways of peptide hormones and their precursors.


Primary Hyperparathyroidism Bronchial Carcinoma Bronchial Carcinoid Ectopic ACTH Syndrome Humoral Hypercalcaemia 
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