Towards a Z Method: Axiomatic Specification in Z

  • Jon Hall
  • John McDermid
Conference paper
Part of the Workshops in Computing book series (WORKSHOPS COMP.)


Z is a rich and expressive specification language. It is possible to use Z to produce clear, abstract and elegant specifications; it is also possible to use Z to produce meaningless specifications.

One of the overall aims of the research work in York is to produce a Z-based method for the meaningful specification and development of safety critical systems. Our primary aim, in this paper, is to address the narrower technical issues of the rôle of axiomatic specification techniques in the production of Z specifications. We return to the discussion of broader methodological issues in the conclusions.


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© British Computer Society 1994

Authors and Affiliations

  • Jon Hall
    • 1
  • John McDermid
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of YorkYorkUK

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