A Brief History of Time, the Universe and Java

  • John Hunt
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I first encountered the Java language in April 1995. I was attending a conference in Amsterdam and, over breakfast with a number of American academics, was discussing suitable first programming languages. They mentioned a new language, called Java, that was quite similar to C++ but had many of the “dirty” parts of that language removed and some of the nice parts of languages such as Smalltalk added. I obtained and read the Java white paper. I thought that it looked like a nice language but that, like other object oriented languages before it, it would not take off. After all, many people thought that Smalltalk was nicer than C++, but C++ still dominated, and languages such as Eiffel and Self were hardly being taken up at all. However, I had reckoned without the Internet and the Worldwide Web. Since its launch in 1995, Java has become a force to be taken seriously.


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