Lowered Dietary Energy Consumption and Potential Consequences for Micronutrient Intake: An Overview

  • R. G. Whitehead
Conference paper
Part of the ILSI Human Nutrition Reviews book series (ILSI HUMAN)


In some ways my task of summing-up this volume is an easy one — the papers that have been contributed are sensible and to the point. I do not have to try and engineer sense out of nonsense. The honesty of the contributors does mean, however, that we are left with more unsolved problems than solved ones. Clearly what I must try to do, is to rationalize these and pull out some basic principles which need to be considered when we are planning future strategies. These will be both research protocols as well as plans for practical public health programmes. This overview can represent only my own personal opinions: the more consensus type of evaluation has been performed during the preparation of the Reports of the Vitamins and Minerals Working Groups.


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