The Turner-Warwick Bladder-Elongation Psoas-Hitch Procedure for Substitution Ureteroplasty

  • Richard Turner-Warwick
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The bladder-elongation psoas-hitch (BEPH) procedure for the resolution of lower ureteric defects has many advantages over the classic Boari bladder-flap technique; not only can it reach at least as high but it is much simpler to achieve and it facilitates the reflux-preventing reimplantation of one or both ureters (Turner-Warwick and Worth 1969). It also provides the safest procedure for the reflux-preventing reimplantation of large-calibre ureters because it avoids the need for “tailoring” them (Turner-Warwick 1972, 1982; see Chap. 44).


Catheter Schistosomiasis Nipple 


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