Postsclerotherapy Hyperpigmentation: Incidence, Clinical Features and Therapy

  • M. Izzo
  • F. Mariani
  • F. Binaghi
  • M. Amitrano


Residual hyperpigmentation that occur following sclerotherapy is an unaesthetic minor complication. In the up to-date literature(1) the frequence of this complication is estimated between 10% and 30% with a highest incidence for smaller and superficial veins and is only partially due to operator (injection technique, fragile vessels, elastic compression after sclerotherapy etc.). Even though a greatest number of these pigmentations whithin two years fades gradually(2), they are responsible of a patients refusal of sclerotherapy.


Minor Complication Local Inflammation Injection Technique Cotton Wool Patient Refusal 
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  • M. Izzo
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  • F. Mariani
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  • F. Binaghi
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  • M. Amitrano
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  1. 1.Institute of Internal Medicine,Center of Medical AngiologyUniversity of Cagliari, ItalyAvellinoItaly

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