Integrating Formal and Structured Methods in Object-Oriented System Development

  • S. J. Goldsack
  • S. J. H. Kent
Part of the Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology book series (FACIT)


This chapter describes systematic approaches for the formalisation and refinement of domain and analysis models, expressed in the OMT notation of Rumbaugh [Rumbaugh et al., 1991], in the B Abstract Machine Notation (AMN) [Abrial, 1995 to appear] and the Z formal language [Spivey, 1992]. Whilst B provides a method and tool support for fully formal development from specifications to (3rd generation language) code, the main support for validating specifications against requirements which it provides is via animation. Similar, although more limited, support can be provided for Z.


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  • S. J. H. Kent
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