Generalized Analytic Functions

  • Friedrich Sauvigny
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The theory of analytic functions in one and several complex variables has been founded by Cauchy, Riemann and Weierstraß and belongs to the most beautiful mathematical creations of modern times. We recommend the textbooks of Behnke-Sommer (1955), Grauert-Fritzsche (1964, 1974), Hurwitz-Courant (1964) and Vekua (1963). The investigations of analytic functions with respect to their differentiable properties will be founded on the integral theorems from Chapter 1 and with respect to their topological properties will be based on the winding number from Chapter 3. We additionally obtain a direct approach to the solutions of the inhomogeneous Cauchy-Riemann differential equations in this chapter. In the last section we investigate the discontinuous behavior of Cauchy’s integral across the boundary.


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