Applications of Stochastic Reachability

  • Luminita Manuela Bujorianu
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This chapter aims to give a flavour of the range of stochastic reachability applications. A list (that is not exhaustive) with appropriate references is given. The chapter is concerned only with the applications in air traffic management and biology. For air traffic management we summarise the existing work on using stochastic reachability for conflict detection and conflict resolution. The aircraft conflicts represent situations where an aircraft comes too close to another aircraft or enters a forbidden zone. The application of stochastic reachability to conflict detection is quite clear and it will have a great impact in the context of free flight. For conflict resolution, stochastic reachability analysis alone is not enough. It should be combined with other control techniques like model predictive control, path planning or randomised algorithms. Stochastic reachability has proved to be a powerful tool for the analysis of biological systems. These systems are inherently noisy and have hybrid behaviour, and most of their analysis problems could be modelled in the framework of stochastic reachability.


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