Bone Loss in Space Flight and Countermeasures

  • Adrian D. LeBlanc
  • Elisabeth R. Spector
  • Victor S. Schneider
Part of the Topics in Bone Biology book series (TBB, volume 7)


Before manned space flight, it was known that immobilization of patients for extended periods, such as for fracture repair to treat the paralysis of polio myelitis or paraplegia, often resulted in weakened and atrophic bones. Although the problems related to reduced gravitational forces on the musculoskeletal system were recognized, the full extent of the changes was not known. Therefore, studies were planned and conducted by the emerging American and Soviet space programs to determine the extent of, and potential harm associated with, bone loss that might occur during space flight.


Space flight Bone loss Calcium balance Gravitational effects on skeleton Bone density 


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