An EPON Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on the Multiple Traffic Prediction and Error Correction

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According to the upstream TDM in the system of Ethernet passive optical network (EPON), a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm (DBA) based on the mechanism of the multiple traffic prediction-correction is presented in this chapter. To improve the real-time performance of the bandwidth allocation, this algorithm forecasts the traffic of varying priority services, then corrects forecast error according to its Gaussian distribution characteristics, which will make traffic prediction closer to the real traffic. The simulation results show that proposed algorithm is better than the existing DBA algorithm. Not only can it meet the delay requirement of high priority services, but also control the delay abnormity of low priority services. In addition, with rectification scheme it is obvious in improving the bandwidth utilization.


Dynamic bandwidth allocation The multiple traffic prediction Error correction Gaussian distribution 



This chapter is supported by key scientific and technological project in Hennan Province: 112102210004. The author thanks the Editor for helpful comments that greatly improved the chapter.


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