Software and System Modeling: Structured Multi-view Modeling, Specification, Design and Implementation

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This chapter outlines a comprehensive integrated approach to the structured modeling, specification, design, and implementation of discrete systems that offer a variety of functions for different purposes and use cases and that are implemented by a network of distributed components operating concurrently, partly in a real time mode. It introduces a theory and first concepts of an engineering methodology for the structured modeling in terms of formal specification, design, and model-based implementation by state machines. The key is the integration of the three views: interface, architecture, and state view and their seamless integrated usage in model based system development comprising functional specification, architecture design, and implementation. For functional specification, a context model and a function hierarchy describe the functionality of multifunctional systems in a structured way. Modes help to specify feature interactions and functional dependencies between functions. Logical component architectures serve for the hierarchical design of systems. Networks of sub-systems called components describe architectures. The behavior of the components as part of the architecture is captured by interface specifications.


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Many members of our Munich software & systems engineering working group have contributed to the material of this chapter. In particular, Sebastian Eder and Andreas Vogelsang have helped with the screenshots and by careful reading draft version and giving feedback. Thanks go to Georg Hackenberg for careful proof reading. Moreover, it is a pleasure to thank Bernhard Rumpe and Alex Pretschner for helpful comments.


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