Identification Methods for Reliable and High Dynamic Off-Road Engines

  • Christian Benatzky
  • Gerd Schlager
Part of the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences book series (LNCIS, volume 418)


With the introduction of the emission level EU Stage 3B / US Tier 4i in 2011 for Off-Road engines, new engine concepts are mandatory, due to the necessity to introduce exhaust aftertreatment equipment for all kind of applications with more than 130kW power. To utilize these technologies and their components a function based approach for the whole system is necessary. Therefore, modeling and identification techniques are the key technologies to achieve the control performance which is necessary to fulfill customer and legislative requirements. In order to discuss these points, the paper presents two examples from the fuel path. First, a systematic way to derive a high pressure pump model, which is able to run in real time, is shown. The second example discusses an approach to use identification methods to compensate injector remanence effects. In the outlook different future identification topics and challenges are outlined as starting points for future investigations.


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  • Christian Benatzky
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  • Gerd Schlager
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