External Fixation About the Wrist and the Forearm

  • Cyril Mauffrey
  • David Seligson
  • Jonathan Yerasimides


Fractures of the forearm and wrist are usually treated with direct osteosynthesis – plates, pins, and screws. These fractures and dislocation are important but unimportant. They do not cause loss of life. Patients with major, life-threatening injuries need life-saving treatments first and intricate limb repair later. The damage control strategy facilitates staged repair. A complex trans-scaphoid perilunate fracture dislocation with a dorsal marginal fracture of the distal radius is not well repaired while the patient’s life is at risk from a high-grade bleeding liver laceration. Even in straightforward injures, like both bone forearm fractures it is a useful option to stage repair with external fixation for “traveling traction” followed by planning internal fixation when the forearm bones are at length and the swelling has subsided.


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