Persistent Anemia After Hemopoietic Cell Transplantation

  • Aleksandar Mijovic


A male patient in first remission of acute myeloid leukemia was offered a hemopoietic cell transplant from an unrelated female donor. He received reduced-intensity conditioning (RIC) with Fludarabine 30 mg/m2 iv × 5 day, Busulphan 3.2 mg/kg iv × 2 days, and Alemtuzumab 20 mg/day iv × 5 days, followed by donor blood stem cell infusion. The cell dose was 3.7 × 106 CD34+ cells per kilogram recipient weight. Cyclosporine A was administered from day +1.


Leukemia Anemia Bilirubin Cyclosporine Vancomycin 


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