Who Is the Donor?

  • Aleksandar Mijovic


A woman with high-risk MDS underwent peripheral blood stem cell transplantation from an unrelated male donor with a 9/10 HLA-antigen match. On day +32 after the transplant (a Friday), she was transferred to a local hospital. The discharge letter was faxed to hematology secretarial office. The following day, her hemoglobin was 8.0 g/dl, platelet count 85 × 109/l, and neutrophils 4.1 × 109/l. Two units of leucodepleted red cells were selected for transfusion to the patient. First unit was transfused uneventfully; transfusion was stopped halfway through the second unit, after the intervention of the duty consultant who realized that the units had not been irradiated.


Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Hemopoietic Cell Discharge Letter Viable Lymphocyte Laboratory Computer System 
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