Vibration Characteristics of an Axial Blading with Different Types of Coupling Links

  • J. F. Mayer
Conference paper


The vibrational behaviour of an axial blading with different types of couplings is investigated by numerical calculations and by experiments. The blades of simple geometry are coupled by lashing pins loosely inserted, pins soldered with the blade foil, a coverband (continuous shroud) or shroud segments, respectively. Natural frequencies and natural modes are calculated by means of the finite element method combined with the wave propagation technique. The computed frequencies are compared with measured resonant frequencies for the different configurations. The experiments were carried out making use of a special measurement set-up and a special processing technique. The blading was excited either by a shaker or, in the case of rotation, by a magnet fixed to the casing of a vacuum chamber.


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  • J. F. Mayer
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  1. 1.Institut für Thermische Strömungsmaschinen und MaschinenlaboratoriumUniversität StuttgartGermany

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