Clinical Use of SPET Imaging in Psychiatric and Neurological Disease

  • Mark S. George
  • Howard A. Ring
  • Durval C. Costa
  • Peter J. Ell
  • Kypros Kouris
  • Peter H. Jarritt


Recent advances in SPET technology have produced increased sensitivity and resolution of SPET systems (see Chaps. 2 and 3), allowing the technique to be applied in new and exciting ways to the understanding of clinical disease, particularly in the expanding fields of neurology and psychiatry. Functional neuroimaging has allowed clinicians to ‘bypass the skull’ and examine the active human brain in health and disease. SPET can aid doctors as never before as they make complex clinical decisions about patients.


Single Photon Emission Compute Tomography Attenuation Correction Focal Epilepsy Matrix Acquisition Transient Global Amnesia 
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