Pathophysiological Changes in the Obstructed Bladder

  • C. R. Chapple


The first reported studies concentrated on the effects of acute bladder outlet obstruction produced by urethral ligation in dogs and rabbits (Guyon and Albarron, 1890; Shigematsu, 1928; Creevy, 1934). This produced a non-physiological situation which resulted in marked vesical distension accompanied by acute vesical haemorrhage and mural necrosis. In an attempt to mimic the clinical course produced by prostatic obstruction, Duncan and Goodwin (1949) produced gradual obstruction to the urethra by implanting cellophane bands in dogs, thus stimulating an intense fibrotic response around the proximal urethra. However, this technique was unsatisfactory in that the obstruction was so marked that 4 out of the 7 animals so treated died within 6 months.


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