Rationalisation and Internationalisation of Clothing Firms in the Netherlands: The Case of van Winkel Fashions Company in Budel

  • Anneke van Luijken
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In 1970, I took over the company from my father. At that time, the company produced shirts only for big companies like C&A. It was customary to produce them in large batches; 10 000 shirts per order was quite normal. The company was not coping very well with competition from the cheap producers of Hong Kong and Eastern Europe, and was running at a heavy loss. A new rationalisation plan was launched to save the company. It involved a two-prong strategy:
  1. 1.

    To move upmarket by producing designer shirts with the brand name “Ledub”

  2. 2.

    To resort to gradual automation. This was done by investing in a series of half-automated sewing-machines as well as in computer-aided hanging conveyor systems.



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