On-Line Hierarchical Model Simulation for Process Fault Detection and Localisation, an Object Oriented Approach

  • A. J. Billington
  • A. R. Boucher
Conference paper


The requirement for safe operation of complex process plant has led to the development of a wide range of monitoring hardware and software dedicated to the task. Earlier systems were implemented using limit checking sensors and were usually autonomous from control related instrumentation. The use of digital computers as control devices enabled these simple monitoring strategies to be embodied within the main controller itself using data gathered for continuous control purposes. As the power and compactness of modern computers has increased much higher levels of automatic plant supervision have become possible due to the resulting development new of fault detection methods. The methods currently in use can be broadly divided into “rule based” and “model based” techniques.


Fault Detection Composite Process Tank System Instance Method Object Orient Approach 
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  • A. J. Billington
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  • A. R. Boucher
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  1. 1.Control Systems CentreSunderland PolytechnicEngland

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