Origins and Significance of Platelet Heterogeneity in a Non-human Primate Model

  • B. Savage
  • C. S. Hunter
  • L. A. Harker
  • S. R. Hanson


Normal peripheral blood platelets are heterogeneous with respect to size, buoyant density, function, organelle content and metabolic capacity. Although it is now clear that normal thrombocytopoietic mechanisms produce a heterogeneous platelet population, the extent to which platelets undergo modifications as they circulate in the bloodstream is not completely understood. Conflicting data from different laboratories over the past two decades have led to a variety of hypotheses concerning the mechanisms of platelet heterogeneity. Since the causes of platelet heterogeneity affect our interpretation of platelet kinetics and their clinical implications, it is important to resolve the current disparate views. Moreover, in addition to their obvious relevance to thrombotic disorders, mechanisms underlying platelet heterogeneity are also important for understanding other disease states characterized by alterations in platelet reactivity, destruction or production, including immune or thrombotic thrombocytopenias, myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative disorders.


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