Genital Warts

  • J. D. Oriel
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The first references to anogenital warts are in the literature of the ancient world, where they were described as “condylomas” or “figs” (Bafverstedt 1967). The disease seems to have been common enough to attract the attention of non-medical writers. In the later Roman Empire, promiscuous sexual behaviour, both homosexual and heterosexual, was widespread; anal warts were regarded as a clear sign of anal intercourse, and those affected were subject to ribald comments by satirical writers such as Martial (first century AD), who wrote:

In order to buy some slave boys

Labienus sold his gardens,

But now the poor man has

Only an orchard of figs.

(Epigrammata medicae philosophicae XII: 3, transl. J. D. Oriel.)


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