42 GHz Broadband Wireless Systems to access Interactive Services

  • Giuseppe Coppola


So far 42GHz Broadband Wireless Systems technology has demonstrated to be suitable for the distribution and broadcasting of high speed digital data and compressed video. Such systems, provided of an in-band return channel therefore sharing the same millimetre frequencies of distribution channel, should represent a cost-effective and flexible Broadband Access Network in several application scenarios. As BWS are likely to be used as “last mile” access to a Full Service Backbone Network, all their architecture must be conceived in order to satisfy capacity and traffic requirements of different classes of users, and QoS parameters for very different kind of interactive and multimedia services. This paper reports details of a flexible and attractive bi-directional BWS architecture which should efficiently satisfy most part of consumer user needs, as identified so far in Philips Research Monza, within the framework of ACTS project CRABS.


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  1. 1.Philips Research MonzaMonza (MI)Italy

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