Multimedia Terminals

  • Petri Mähönen
Conference paper


Multimedia terminals are the key enabling technology in the customer premises for last mile access to information super highway. The research and development work to define and manufacture next generation terminals has been very quick and high volume R&D and business area during the last years. It is still too early to predict reliably what sort of equipment future multimedia terminal in home will be. Several different concepts, with different cost structure, are suggested varying from classical set-top-boxes to computer-cum-television hybrids able to handle high-speed ATM connections. Also the market diversification is very strong, as some user prefer to have at least limited multimedia access on-road by personal digital assistants (PDA). In the multimedia terminals session we are having a overview on some current research issues on multimedia terminal development, which I hope will give us a better understanding where we are going within next few years.


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