Computer Supported Co-operative Product Development Using a Process-Based Approach

  • Edward H. McMahon
Conference paper


The paper describes a computer supported product development system using a process-based approach. The process-based model was implemented on a small cluster of microcomputers using a multi-user database and tested in a graduate class on Product Development. The results suggest that the process-based model can be successfully applied to a wide range of functional activities and different levels of detail.

Several benefits were identified by the users including simultaneous processing of information, equality of input, documentation of decision rationale, a common structure for various functional areas, and the availability of information for review. Several issues were identified which need to be addressed; the large number of entries which can be generated without evaluation, identification and resolution of key information to reduce unnecessary effort in concurrent design, the linking of various functional areas, and the perceived lack of efficiency of computer-based systems.


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  • Edward H. McMahon
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  1. 1.College of Engineering and Computer ScienceThe University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaChattanoogaUSA

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