The Vasculitis Syndromes in Small- and Medium-Sized Vessels

  • J. Bariéty
  • C. Jacquot


The hallmark of angiitis is necrosis and infiltration of the vascular wall by inflammatory cells. Arteries, arterioles, capillaries and venules may be affected. The lesions may be widely disseminated or may involve a region such as the skin or a single organ such as the appendix or gall bladder. Clinical manifestations are thus diverse and depend upon the area of involvement. Although the histological diagnosis of angiitis is made when inflammation and necrosis are found in a vascular wall, this does not provide adequate information about the type of angiitis, its cause, pathogenesis, spread or prognosis. It is particularly difficult to identify small-vessel angiitis because the characteristic vascular lesions are not always evident. Perivascular aggregation of inflammatory cells is not a proof of angiitis. Regardless of the cause of inflammation, infiltrating cells migrate from the lumen to the interstitium of small vessels.


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Giant Cell Arteritis Renal Involvement Polyarteritis Nodosa Cutaneous Vasculitis 
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