Periureteral Aspiration Cytology in the Study of Ureteral Stenoses in Patients with Known Malignancy

  • L. Luciani
  • P. Scappini
  • T. Pusiol
  • F. Piscioli


Disease involvement of the urinary collecting system in the course of neoplastic disease is a common occurrence, especially in patients with advanced pelvic malignancies [1]. Cancer of the cervix, prostate, breast, bladder, colon and rectum, and of the lymphoid system often cause urinary obstruction by direct extension or compression [2, 3]. On the other hand, post-therapeutic retroperitoneal fibrosis may be expected in patients undergoing surgery, radiation or combined surgery and radiation procedures on the pelvic area [4]. Therefore, when ureteral obstruction occurs in patients with known malignancy, it is important to establish the presence of pre-existing, recurrent or metastatic tumours before ascribing the effects to radiation or surgery. In such cases cytological diagnosis can be helpful since diagnostic imaging is often inconclusive [5].


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  • P. Scappini
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