Radiological Evaluation of Retroperitoneal Nodes in Testicular Tumours

  • R. Musumeci
  • J. D. Tesoro Tess
  • L. Balzarini
  • E. Ceglia
  • R. Petrillo


For the evaluation of the retroperitoneal lymph nodes in cancer of the testis, a number of radiological investigations can be used. These diagnostic tools include urography, phlebography, lymphography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In some cases, fine needle aspiration cytology under fluoroscopic, ultrasound or CT guidance can be used. Our experience in this field is limited. Each of these procedures has different accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. However, as a general rule, the diagnostic value of each radiological procedure, either direct or indirect, is much lower when the diagnostic tool is used alone than when a combination of two or more procedures is used.


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  • R. Musumeci
  • J. D. Tesoro Tess
  • L. Balzarini
  • E. Ceglia
  • R. Petrillo

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