Aspiration Cytology in the Staging of Penile Cancer

  • P. Scappini
  • F. Piscioli
  • E. Menichelli
  • L. Luciani


Carcinoma of the penis is relatively uncommon in developed countries, accounting for less than 1% of the cancer-bearing male population in the USA. However, penile cancer has a higher incidence in underdeveloped countries or in areas in which early circumcision is not routinely practised [1]. This neoplasm is therefore a significant world health problem. Because of the frequent presence of inflammatory changes in the primary tumour, it is extremely difficult to establish the extent of local nodal disease. Nevertheless, 10%-30% of patients without clinical evidence of adenopathy have occult metastases (Table 31.1) [2–17]. From a review of the series reported in the literature, Catalona [19] found that these percentages were strictly parallel with the proportion of patients with clinically negative nodes who ultimately died of cancer.


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