The Management of Wilms’ Tumor

  • J. E. Champion
  • J. Wilimas
  • A. P. M. Kumar
Part of the Clinical Practice in Urology book series (PRACTICE UROLOG)


The history of Wilms’ tumor is one of the success stories of pediatric oncology and serves as a model for a multispecialty approach to childhood cancer. The foundation of this approach includes a surgical pathologic staging system that reflects prognosis and therefore defines therapy. A multidisciplinary approach which includes pediatric and urological surgeons, pathologists, radiotherapists and pediatric oncologists can provide treatment programs which utilize the benefits of surgery, radiation therapy and multiagent chemotherapy. Increasing concerns about long-term complications of therapy in view of ever-increasing survival has underlined the need for careful reappraisal of the benefits and risks of each modality.


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