Urinary Diversion in Children

  • Anthony M. K. Rickwood
Part of the Clinical Practice in Urology book series (PRACTICE UROLOG)


Thirty years ago urinary diversion in a child was a rare event, virtually limited to ureterosigmoidostomy in a few patients with bladder extrophy. Two factors were soon to dramatically increase their number. Numerically more important was the advent of effective shunting deviees for treating hydrocephalus, which, for more than a decade, were used widely, aggressively and often indiscriminately, to enable the survival of large numbers of patients with open Spina bifida. One of many results of this policy was that the congenital neuropathic bladder, once rare, became commonplace. Faced with an epidemic of incontinent girls and an alarming number of children of both sexes with deteriorating upper renal tracts, it is small wonder that surgeons saw the ileal conduit (Bricker 1950) as an ideal Solution to both problems (Nash 1956).


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