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Planetary Organisation Offers Advantages in Project Work

  • Stig Ottosson
Conference paper


A new organisational concept for project work is presented in this paper. The aim of this new concept is to increase flexibility and involvement of every team member in the project group as well as to shorten the time needed to accomplish tasks properly. The organisational form is called ‘Planetary Organisation’ with the project leader in the centre, sub-project leaders around him/her, and these being in direct contact with each other. Around each sub-project leader there are project members also in direct contact with each other. The management style for the project leader and the sub-project leaders should be Management by Walking Around (MBWA) for maximum efficiency, which is possible to perform as time is allocated for this under the new organisational form. In the system, experts and senior managers also act as comets, influencing the project members in a positive way.


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