Payload Digital Processor Hardware Demonstration for Future Mobile and Personal Communication Systems

  • A D Craig
  • F A Petz
Conference paper
Part of the Information Technology: Transmission, Processing and Storage book series (PSTE)


Future advanced mobile and personal satellite communications systems, such as the ICO orbit Inmarsat-P system and GEO regional systems, require digital signal processing to provide the necessary flexibility in the routing of channels to/from the multiple beam mobile link coverage. The paper describes a hardware demonstrator, developed under ESA contract, which is capable of demonstrating both switch-based wideband beamforming and digital narrowband beamforming architectures. The central elements of the demonstrator are 4 ASICs, developed in flight representative radiation hard technology, which may be flexibly configured to demonstrate various architectural options.


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  • A D Craig
    • 1
  • F A Petz
    • 2
  1. 1.Matra Marconi SpaceStevenageUK
  2. 2.ESA/ESTECNoordwijkThe Netherlands

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