Shop Controllers-Managers for Intelligent Manufacturing

  • R. C. Michelini
  • G. M. Acaccia
  • M. Callegari
  • R. M. Molfino
  • R. P. Razzoli
Part of the Advanced Manufacturing book series (ADVMANUF)


Intelligent manufacturing has been consolidating over the past ten years as a suitable means for sustaining competitiveness of industrialised Countries. The chapter presents contributions related to activity in the field done by the Industrial Robot Design Research Group of the University of Genova, aiming at the development of expert controllers-and-managers for shop-floor operations, to fully exploit flexibility. Starting points have been: • the recognition of innovating potentiality supported by the technological versatility of robotic fixtures [1]; and: • the need of re-stating the work-organisation through knowledge intensive set-ups [2] to comply with society-driven requests that in recent time have modified workers-market and trade-unions demands.


Intelligent Manufacturing Adaptive Governor Factory Automation Predictive Maintenance Flexible Specialisation 
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  • R. C. Michelini
  • G. M. Acaccia
  • M. Callegari
  • R. M. Molfino
  • R. P. Razzoli

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