User Interaction in a Virtual World Environment

  • Christian Breiteneder


Few areas within computer science have gained public interest and media presence as quickly as virtual world or—as the media prefers—virtual reality technology and applications. Public awareness was established almost overnight and many people are not aware that the basic ideas and techniques go back to the fifties and sixties when systems such as Sensorama1 were built and The Ultimate Display [Sut65] was proposed. Ever since then techniques and technology have improved, slowly at first, and remaining for a long time restricted to flight simulations and military applications. Of course, there were also people who had different applications in mind: in the early seventies Frederick Brooks developed the GROPE II system, a prototype of a force-feedback system, for docking molecules. Myron Krueger suggested and implemented Videoplace [Kru91], an artificial world—as he called it—that did not require any equipment to be worn, allowing users to move unrestrictedly in an artificial space.


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