Muco-Ciliary Concepts

  • S. K. Kaluskar


Unfortunately, the nose, with its convoluted internal architecture, is prone to obstructive disease. Although the muco-ciliary pathways work harmoniously in health, infection can rapidly throw this delicate mechanism into disarray. Most infections of the paranasal sinuses arise from a primary focus in the nose. Logically, therefore, recurrent disease implies an occult focus. The infection may also be secondary to trauma, of dental origin, or may occur via the blood stream. The key area of the lateral wall of the nose, the ostio-meatal complex, is most affected, thus blocking the openings of the maxillary and frontal sinuses. The most important site to be affected is the anterior ethmoidal complex, as the frontal and maxillary sinuses are dependent on them for their drainage. Messerklinger’s work spanning over two decades established the genetically predetermined pathways of muco-ciliary clearance within the paranasal sinus system.


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