Diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease, Hodgkin’s-like anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and T cell/histiocyte-rich B cell lymphoma

  • H. Stein


Although Hodgkin’s disease is relatively well defined, there are borderline cases in which this disease overlaps with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Fortunately, there are only two such areas: lymphocyte predominance Hodgkin’s disease (LPHD) versus T-cell-rich B cell lymphoma (TCRBCL); and classical Hodgkin’s disease versus anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) [52.1]. Before dealing with these overlaps in detail, we should consider why it is necessary to be concerned about the distinction between these diseases. The answer lies in their different clinical behavior. TCRBCL is an aggressive disorder — as reflected in the fact that patients suffering from this disease are usually at Stage III and IV — whereas LPHD is indolent, and usually presents at Stage I or II. Bone marrow involvement is frequent in TCRBCL but rarely in LPHD.


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