Does Lifestyle Really Affect Venous Disease?

  • A. J. Lee
  • C. J. Evans
  • C. V. Ruckley
  • F. G. R. Fowkes


Venous disease is common in the Western world, resulting in considerable morbidity and a heavy burden on national healthcare resources [1]. In the last two decades a number of reviews on the epidemiology of venous disease have been published [2–6]. However, the question as to whether varicose veins are due to an inherited defect or to some environmental influence remains unanswered. The aims of this chapter are to review the evidence relating lifestyle factors to venous disease and to update this evidence using data from the recently completed Edinburgh Vein Study. The Edinburgh Vein Study is a cross-sectional survey of 1566 men and women aged 18–64 years resident in Edinburgh. Full details of its methodology and response rates are given elsewhere [7]. It is beyond the scope of this chapter to discuss the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms that may cause a varicose veins, but there is evidence to suggest that some or all of the following lifestyle factors may have an effect.


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