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Can We Tailor Surgery to the Venous Abnormality?

  • Simon G. Darke


The question posed in the chapter title is open to a variety of interpretations. At its most simple it addresses the feasibility of correcting a venous abnormality by means of an operation. However, when addressing the broader and practical consideration of patient management two important supplementary issues must be addressed: (a) the means by which the abnormality has been identified, and (b) whether this abnormality, and its surgical correction, is relevant to the clinical condition of which the patient complains. More properly, therefore, the question might be “Can we tailor surgery to the patient’s need?.”Clearly these are problems that continue to confront us today in many branches of surgery, but perhaps are particularly germane in the management of venous disease. Indeed some of the chapters in this book are targeted towards various such dilemmas.


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